about us

Clearbridge is a mobile app development company with a simple mission — to deliver ground-breaking custom apps that transform the mobile experience and break paradigms. Our in-house talent can deliver your custom mobile app to market on time and on budget. Our team of over 50 project managers, business analysts, creative artists, and developer will bring your mobile ideas to life. We specialize in iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry and Kindle app development, as well as Chromecast and Airplay-enabled apps. Our process is lean and dynamic. While many mobile app development companies rely on traditional practices, we employ an agile development methodology that lets us get your custom mobile app to market — from idea to polished product — quickly and on budget.


Building great mobile experiences. This simple premise has been the basis of the company since it was founded in 2011.


Agile, fast and responsive. Our clients can attest to how much we value these principles.


Great people with great skills. That's what allows Clearbridge to succeed. Whether building a B2C app to be used by millions or building a complex B2B app, our people make the difference.


  • Mobile strategy

    At the outset, we will do a deep dive with all the key stakeholders in your mobile initiative. We can help answer questions like: what mobile platform should you choose, Native vs. HTML5, do you have the right back-end architecture, who is your audience, and how do you market your app? Our experts can help guide you through this process.

  • UI/UX

    Once we have completed our deep dive, our creative team will kick into gear to develop a compelling design and user experience for your mobile app. We understand the fine line between success and failure is the design of your app. We use a very open process that will allow your creative team to fully engage with ours.

  • Development

    At this point, our world-class dev team begins to build your mobile app. Like our UI/UX process, you will have complete insight into the state of your project so you can provide continuous feedback. When required, our team can help modify, or build, any APIs or cloud-based systems required to power your mobile app.

  • QA & Deployment

    As we build your app, our QA team and yours can test together throughout the development process. Following this agile philosophy, our clients have the flexibility to make dynamic changes as requirements change. Once QA is complete, it is time to get your app to market.

  • Value added services

    To strengthen the value proposition of your app – whether it’s a B2C or B2B – we can generate analytic data on your app. How many times was it used, what features were used most often, average time spent and more.

  • Maintenance & Support

    With platform changes from the mobile vendors becoming more frequent and significant, we can ensure that your app continues to work without any interruptions.






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